Payazhic engineering company was organized in 1999, started activities in Consultation and Distribution  for chemical Material of Construction in “IRAN”. This company has resolved many problems of running and operating projects, by providing consultation services and implementation in following fields:

۱- Consultation & supply for chemical substances of building (such as: Concrete admixtures, Repair- Mortars, Protection coating, Industrial flooring, …)

۲- Waterproof insulation

۳- Retrofitting and repairing of structures 4- New building materials

This company attempts to use the modern sciences & experiences. This is a step to increase the useful life of building; therefore, it will result a better protection of natural environment and permanent development in the world.

At the current time, Payazhic engineering company has a complete group of engineers in  Civil ,architectural, mechanical and industrial fields. These trained and experienced specialists are ready to provide engineering services and technical advices.

Climatic features Gilan

In terms of precipitation, the highest rate in the country has. (According to the weather data, the only region with rainfall of over 2000 mm per year, the city of Rasht and Anzali is) Water table is very high in this area So that in most seasons the water depth is less than one meter.

Relative humidity was very high and the fluctuation is between sixty to one hundred percen. Record the highest rainfall recorded in the area in less time. Meteorological Organization of Gilan -3 October 2012: “50 percent of average precipitation for a year during the 3-hour rainfall of 130 mm in Gilan, which has fallen in the past 20 years has been unprecedented.”

Snowfall in the region, in many cases, under the influence of the Siberian high pressure center located. Including heavy rains, which can be more than two meters. In the years 1328 and 1350 and 1383 and 1386 cited. Snow damage in 1383 was over 333 million dollars.