SurfaShield G خود تمیز شونده فعال

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SurfaShield G خود تمیز شونده فعال

یک محصول آب دوست جهت ایجاد خاصیت خود تمیزشوندگی و ضد الکتریسیته ساکن سطوح شیشه ای


Active self-cleaning nanotechnology for the maintenance of highly transparent glass surfaces

SurfaShield G creates an invisible coating based on nanostructured titanium dioxide, which after application on the glass surface it increases the transparency and makes it self-cleaning, superhydrophilic and antistatic


SurfaShield G is a liquid formulation, for glass surface which creates a coating that absorbs surrounding light (ultraviolet), decomposes any pollutant and glass surfaces become self-cleaning. The glass transparency is not negatively changed, but is increased by 2% as nanoparticles reduce the local roughness of glass that would reflect light. Additionally, SurfaShield G acts as an antistatic preventing sand and dust accumulation. The action of the coating is enhanced by antifogging properties: Water cannot form droplets that scatter light and the fogging effect is prevented in high humidity/low temperature conditions. Due to these properties the application of SurfaShield G on photovoltaics increases the efficiency about 3-7% and the glass surface remains cleaner, without particles, dust or stains that affect negatively the PV efficiency


محصولات مشابه : محافظ نما ضد آب کننده نانو (یک لیتری)SurfaPore C


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